Nissan Versa: For Drivers Who Crave High Performance

Drivers who crave high performance often choose the Nissan Versa, a popular subcompact sedan that offers not just great performance but also excellent fuel efficiency. The Nissan Versa is proof that you can have speed and high performance without having to sacrifice fuel efficiency. Come to State College Motors and see for yourself what the Nissan Versa has to offer.

Between the premium front suspension, high-response dampers and the electric power steering, the Versa can deliver a smooth bump-free ride usually found with large luxury sedans. It’s not unusual to get 39 mpg on the highway thanks to the efficient 1.6L engine. The Versa is also available with an automatic or 6-speed manual transmission, both of which provide fast acceleration with excellent handling.

If you’re the type of driver who wants to drive a vehicle before making a purchase, come to our dealership and take the Nissan Versa out for a test drive.



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