Nissan LEAF: Convenient and Efficient

The Nissan LEAF is the latest electronic compact car to offer an extended range. With the ability to go 150 miles without needing a charge, the LEAF offers convenience and economy for today’s environmentally conscious drivers. Let’s see what else LEAF has to offer by the way of convenience.

The 150-mile range of the LEAF means that you may not have to charge it every day, depending on the length of your daily commute. If you do need to charge it every day, there is a rapid charger available that can give your vehicle a full charge overnight and it will be ready for you first thing in the morning. You can also give it a 30-minute quick charge at convenient charging stations located all around the nation.

Owning an electric vehicle is becoming easier and if you have been thinking about one, it is time to check out the new Nissan LEAF at State College Motors.



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