What is the Purpose of Brake Fluid?

The laws of physics play a huge role in making a car stop. Most people don't understand the physics of stopping power, but they do know brake parts only work when in good shape. The average driver, however, might not know how vital brake fluid is. Without a proper level of fluid in the lines, the brakes might not work well, if at all. The role brake fluid plays, while important, isn't complicated to grasp.

When a driver presses down on the brake pedals, the calipers engage in putting pressure on the brake lines. The power then drives fluid through the lines. The rotors then put pressure on the brake pads. Brake pads then slow down and stop the wheels.

Without brake fluid, the many parts can't work. So, be sure the liquid doesn't leak or otherwise suffer problems. Do you want someone to care for your brakes and other maintenance issues? The team at the service department at State College Motors is ready to help you out.



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