Check Out the Performance Features of the All-New Audi Q5

Why is the Audi Q5 seen as a luxury compact SUV that is gaining in popularity? It might be something to do with all the performance features throughout.

It doesn't matter what the road conditions look like, your new Audi Q5 makes use of the Quattro all-wheel-drive system to help keep the rubber on that road. Whether it is a driving snowstorm or a heavy rain with flooded roads, your Audi Q5 is going to easily get you to your destination.

When you need to count on your vehicle getting up and moving in a hurry, you'll appreciate the dual-clutch seven-speed S-Tronic automatic transmission in the Audi Q5. This system hands the driver smooth shifting performance for being able to move around slower cars or getting out of the way of potential troubles out on the highway.

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